Particle Emissions in Belarus and in the Nordic Countries

Emission Inventories and Integrated Assessment Modelling of Black Carbon and PM2.5

image of Particle Emissions in Belarus and in the Nordic Countries

The overall goal of the project is to stimulate decision-makers in Belarus to prioritize abatement measures aimed at black carbon in their efforts to reduce emissions of PM2.5, as encouraged in the Gothenburg protocol under the UNECE CLRTAP. To reach this purpose and in order to build up scientific basis necessary for further policy development, a comprehensive analysis of PM2.5 and BC emissions, emission reduction potentials and cost-effective abatement measures in Belarus has been conducted. The report presents two main parts of the conducted analysis: a part focused on the emission inventories, and a part summarizing the results of the integrated assessment modelling. The main focus is on analysis for Belarus; however, a range of modelling results have been obtained for the three participating Nordic countries — Denmark, Finland and Sweden.



PM2.5 and BC emission inventories in the Nordic countries

Chapter 3 presents historical and projected PM2.5 and BC emissions in Denmark, Finland and Sweden (hereinafter referred to as “the Nordic countries”), and discusses differences and similarities in the emission inventory methods and results in the three Nordic countries and Belarus. The two major emission sources of BC emissions in all four countries are residential combustion and use of diesel fuel in the transport sector. According to the available projections, these sources seem to remain significant contributors to the total national emissions also in the future.


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