ODS waste treatment in the Nordic Countries

A Nordic Ozone Group Project 2011

image of ODS waste treatment in the Nordic Countries

Environmentally sound disposal of Ozone Depleting Substances is increasingly recognized as an important issue in terms of both the protection of the ozone layer and the effect on climate change. However, there is only a limited overview in the Nordic countries of product groups containing Ozone Depleting Substances, regulation of the substances, available treatment technologies, and waste infrastructure etc. This report provides an overview of the waste treatment and regulation of Ozone Depleting Substances in the Nordic countries. The report identifies gaps, proposes solutions and provides recommendations for relevant Nordic efforts within the area. The report has been prepared by PlanMiljø ApS (Denmark) for the Nordic Ozone Group. The report has been financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers, through the Nordic Chemical Group and the Nordic Waste Group.



ODS Regulations

This chapter will bring an overview of the EU and country specific regulations and legal arrangements concerning the identified waste fractions consisting ozone depleting substances in form of primary CFC 11, CFC 12 and HCFC-22. The purpose of the regulation study is to identify gaps and differences between the Nordic countries in their regulation of products containing ODS. The focus will be on the most important waste/product categories; Refrigeration appliances (foam and liquid refrigerant), Heat pipes (foam), Construction and Demolition waste (foam).


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