Nordic tourism policy analysis

image of Nordic tourism policy analysis

Tourism is an important, growing industry in all the Nordic countries, but until recently, it has not had a particularly strong focus within the Nordic cooperation framework. This is changing rapidly, and the Nordic Council of Ministers has given a strong signal that increased emphasis should be placed on tourism issues within the Nordic framework. This project is a result of that important political prioritisation. The key objective of this project is to create a framework on which a Nordic Tourism Strategy can be established. Thus, the desired outcome of the project is to define future strategies and projects that will underscore common opportunities and challenges within Nordic tourism. The objective of a Nordic Tourism Policy Analysis is to provide valuable input to each country’s work within tourism as well as laying a foundation for a common Nordic Tourism Policy.



Sustainable Development in Tourism

Sustainability is a central issue in Nordic tourism as well as in almost all national tourism policies in the Nordic countries, and a topic which has a variety of implications for the industry. Sustainable development in its broadest form has real implications for the viability of environmental, social and economic renewal of the tourism sector in the Nordics. Cultural sustainability is also an important issue for regions and communities in the Nordics. Environmental integrity and natural environment are increasingly seen as assets for the attractiveness of destinations, regional branding and the overall economic viability of communities and regions.


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