Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Product Environmental Footprint

Focus on Product Environmental Information

image of Nordic Swan Ecolabel and Product Environmental Footprint

The purpose of this report is to compare the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the Product Environmental Footprint with a focus on environmental information. The report compares the methods used by the Nordic Swan Ecolabel and the PEF to identify the product-group-specific relevant environmental aspects. The analysis is based on the currently valid Swan Criteria and pilot phase final PEF Category Rules (PEFCRs). The report concludes that there are methodological differences in the way product comparisons are made. The report proposes recommendations for both schemes in terms of co-operation and required further work, related to the differences in methodological approaches, to avoid very different results in what will be considered as an environmentally sound product.




This chapter aims to discuss the possible coexistence of the PEF and Swan schemes from the perspective of the ecolabel and ecolabelled products. It discusses the opportunities and challenges from the perspective of the Nordic Ecolabel organisation, the license applicant and the consumer. The final section discusses the possibilities that PEF presents for Swan and the different options it would have to use PEF.


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