Nordic Statistical Yearbook 2012

Nordisk statistisk årsbok 2012

image of Nordic Statistical Yearbook 2012

Nordic Statistical Yearbook is published for the 50th time. It is a reference book containing comprehensive and easily accessible statistics of various aspects of social life in the five Nordic countries, i.e. Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden. In addition data are also presented on the Faroe Islands, Greenland and the Åland Islands. The aim of the yearbook is, as far as possible, to present comparable data on the Nordic countries. Additional tables can be accessed free of charge via our homepage www.norden.org/facts. Here It is also possible to read and download the Nordic Statistical Yearbook in pdf format free of charge. Nordisk statistisk årsbok utkommer nu för 50:e gången. Årsboken är en uppslagsbok, som avser vara en sammanfattande och överskådlig redovisning av statistik över samhällsförhållanden i de fem nordiska länderna Danmark, Finland, Island, Norge och Sverige. I många av tabellerna redovisas också uppgifter om Färöarna, Grönland och Åland. Syftet med årsboken är att lägga fram sinsemellan jämförbara uppgifter om de nordiska länderna. Ytterligare tabeller finns tillgängliga gratis via vår hemsida www.norden.org/fakta. Link til Nordic Statistics database




At the beginning of the 20th century, almost 12 million people lived in the Nordic countries. Today, the population has increased to close to 26 million people – more than a doubling. The strongest growth is seen in Greenland, where the population has multiplied by almost five, from 12 000 to 57 000 people. In Iceland the increase has gone from 78 000 to 319 000 people. The population on the Faroe Islands has more than tripled, from 15 000 to 48 000 people. The Swedish and Ålandic populations are the only ones that have not at least doubled.


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