Nordic Opportunities to Provide Leadership in the Global Climate Action Agenda

International Cooperative Climate Initiatives with Major Upscaling and Impact Potentials

image of Nordic Opportunities to Provide Leadership in the Global Climate Action Agenda

The Global Climate Action Agenda (GCAA) covers a wealth of cooperative action between governments, cities, businesses, non-governmental organisations and citizens. Non-state climate initiatives under the GCAA represent a key means to rapidly bridge the gaps in current climate action. This report identifies some 300 international cooperative initiatives worldwide, noting Nordic stakeholders among the most active participants within these initiatives. The analysis recommends continued Nordic support for initiatives with strong commitments to effective and transparent action. It also filters out 7 mitigation, adaptation and/or finance related initiatives of particular interest for Nordics. They are well aligned with the 2019 Declaration on Nordic Carbon Neutrality by the Nordic prime ministers and represent major opportunities for accelerated climate action - also within Nordic countries.



Impacts of selected initiatives

The ICIs covered by this analysis differ greatly regarding the information they publish on their goals and results, and how they assess and disclose their climate impacts. For some of the initiatives, very specific quantitative and qualitative information can be found on their impacts (including credible theories of change). However, in many cases the only quantification in publicly available information is the number of participants in the cooperative initiative. To create significant impacts, the initiatives need to entail concrete measures and actions. The leading organisation of the ICI also needs to be actively involved in its implementation, have strong ownership and capacity to coordinate the action.


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