Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities

How far could we go Simply by Scaling Up Already Proven Climate Solutions?

image of Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities

Green to Scale is a series of analysis projects that have highlighted the potential of scaling up existing climate solutions. Nordic Green to Scale for Cities and Communities analyses proven climate solutions from Nordic cities and municipalities. This report presents the emission reduction potential of 14 selected solutions. The study highlights the costs, savings and co-benefits of implementing the solutions as well as makes policy recommendations for capturing the potential. The project was carried out by the Finnish Innovation Fund Sitra, together with its partners CICERO, CONCITO, Stockholm Environment Institute, Institute of Sustainability Studies at the University of Iceland and C40 Cities. The project is part of the Nordic Council of Ministers’ Prime Ministers’ Initiative Nordic Solutions to Global Challenges.



Results by country

HERE WE PRESENT THE RESULTS BY COUNTRY. It should be noted that wind power differs from the rest of the solutions. Due to the joint electricity market in Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark, wind power built in a certain community does not necessarily cut emissions from that community – or even from that country. However, we have allocated the emission reductions to the places where we have scaled up the building of the wind capacity. The majority of the actual emission reductions will come from Finland and Denmark, where most of the remaining Nordic fossil and peat power capacity operates.


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