Nordic Fisheries in Transition

Future Challenges to Management and Recruitment

image of Nordic Fisheries in Transition

In the last decades Nordic countries have been implementing quota markets and similar instruments to manage mainly the economic performance of their fisheries. Coming from a historical situation dominated by owner-operated fishing units closely connected to their supporting communities, market-based fisheries management plays a role in promoting company-organised fishing units, non-fisher ownership and new social relations. Introducing market-mechanisms to distribute the limited marine resources is therefore not just a change in the technical regulation. It is an active engagement in social change. The publication reviews the Nordic experiences with market-based fisheries management and discusses the implications for managers and future recruitment.



Conflicts and controversies in Nordic fisheries

The introduction of market mechanisms to tackle the allocation of limited fishing rights can be seen as a global trend. In this chapter we review some of the Nordic experiences of market-based fisheries management seen from a social perspective. Fisheries management is related to the biological and economic management of fisheries, but also have various implications for different social groups, social relations and for individual career patterns. In particular, market-based fisheries management has been implemented in many ways and with very different objectives in the Nordic countries. In this chapter we look at themes across the Nordic countries, while the following chapters will provide insights into the more technical aspects of market-based fisheries policies. The main quest is to reach an overall understanding of the current reforms and transformations of the Nordic fisheries and the opposition that can be empirically witnessed. In some way or another, these debates, controversies and conflicts relate to the question of the legitimacy of market-based instruments.


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