Nordic enforcement project on give-away products

image of Nordic enforcement project on give-away products

The Nordic chemicals agencies have jointly controlled the Nordic market of give-away products. These products were controlled against the requirements of several EU-legislations (REACH Regulation, Toy Safety Directive, RoHS Directive, POPs Regulation and the Battery Directive).The results show that economic operators lack knowledge of the applicable requirements, as well as lacking understanding of the extent of their obligations. They are missing appropriate systems to comply with the rules. Nevertheless, the Nordic chemicals agencies have observed an interest from business organisations to be better at understanding and complying with the applicable rules. This joint enforcement project has also contributed to creating closer collaboration between the Nordic chemicals agencies resulting in sharing more information and ensuring better resource efficiency.



Effect of the project and way forward

First of all, we have observed improvement in terms of compliance from companies that were previously controlled in 2017 (as part of the Norwegian enforcement project) in terms of better compliance with the requirements. The joint enforcement project tends to show that surveillance has a positive and long-term effect on the compliance level of the controlled companies.


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