Nordic Coastal Fisheries and Communities

Status and Future Prospects

image of Nordic Coastal Fisheries and Communities

Coastal fisheries play a vital role in the marine sector of the Nordic countries and serves as a backbone of the economy of many smaller coastal communities. The coastal fleets usually have a big presence in smaller, more remote fishing villages, supplying local processing companies with raw material. The coastal sector is therefore highly important for regional development, as it represents a significant part of total landings and offers employment for a large number of fishermen, processors and other supporting industries. This report reviews the coastal sectors in seven Nordic countries, which include almost 20 thousand coastal vessels that are catching close to 900 thousand tonnes a year, valued at 1.2 billion EUR. The fleets are highly variable and the individual countries do each have their unique strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats, which are discussed in the report.




The coastal sector is hugely important for the Icelandic economy, particularly in rural areas where whole communities are dependent on the sector for survival. The sector accounts for 15% of the total landing value of the Icelandic fishing fleet and 21% of the demersal catches. Coastal catches are also important in supplying the processing sector with fresh fish that goes into added value products. The sector is therefore important on a number of fronts.


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