Nordic Climate Policy

A Case Study on Efficient Policy Measures

image of Nordic Climate Policy

The Nordic countries are often seen as green both in terms of a good environment and being capable of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. This report is concerned with the development in GHG emissions over time and with the policies that have been effective in the reduction path. The purpose of the description is both to highlight effective climate policies and to tell the comprehensive story of climate policy in the Nordic countries. The project is developed in partnership with the Open Climate Network, an international network lead by the World Resources Institute.



International GHG Mitigation Commitments

The Nordic countries, excluding the Faroe Islands, are all parties to the Kyoto Protocol. Åland is included in the Finish obligations and Greenland was taking part in the Danish Kyoto obligations in the first period. Further, Denmark, Finland and Sweden also have international emission reduction commitments as members of the EU. Greenland does not share Denmark’s EU obligations, as Greenland is not a member of the EU.


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