Nordic ceramics industry

Best Available Technique (BAT)

image of Nordic ceramics industry

The cheramic sector covers very different types of products made of mostly inorganic and non-metallic materials by a firing process. This report covers the manufacture of the following product groups: Coarse ceramics: expanded clay aggregates, vitrified clay pipes, bricks and roof tiles, refractory products.Fine ceramics: wall and floor tiles, household ceramics, sanitary ware, technical ceramics, inorganic bonded abrasives. The report was initiated by the BAT Group of the Nordic Council of Ministers and financed by the Working Group for Sustainable Consumption and Production. The results will serve as Nordic input to the EU revision of BAT conclusions for the ceramic sector under the Industrial Emissions Directive.The report also covers the Nordic ceramics manufacturing plants below the IED capacity threshold: that is, plants with an environmental permit.



BAT Candidates

This chapter refers primarily to the European Commission BREF document from August 2007. In many respects, this document is still valid for the Nordic ceramics industry, which is not undergoing strong technical development: many measures environmentally relevant in 2007 are still valid and applicable. Emission levels are also compared to the recent reports by Umweltbundesamt (2018) and Ricardo Energy & Environment (2018), which describe the state of the art / BAT in installations for the manufacture of ceramics production, mainly with reference to Austrian and German installations.


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