Nordic Best Practices

Relevant for UNEP 10YFP on Sustainable Tourism and Consumer Information

image of Nordic Best Practices

The working group on Sustainable Consumption and Production, under the Nordic Council of Ministers requested consultants from Gaia to identify and write out best Nordic practice cases of sustainable consumption and production to be shared internationally within the UNEP SCP Clearinghouse. This report is the second part and covers in total 19 examples of two particular themes on:

1) Sustainable Tourism

2) Consumer Information

The cases have also been added into the UNEP’s 10 Year Frame-work Program (10YFP) information platform, the SCP Clearinghouse. The objective is to enhance international cooperation in order to accelerate a shift towards sustainable consumption and production in developed and developing countries. The SCP Clearinghouse is a web-based information sharing tool, which can be used by different actors as an inspiration for advancing SCP worldwide.




The Nordic countries have a long tradition in advancing the goals of sustainable development. The Nordic countries have actively and successfully worked on various national and international fora to prevent resource scarcity and unsustainable exploitation of natural resources. Also, the Nordic countries have been able to identify and put into practice a number of innovative partnerships that harness the expertise and business potential of the private sector actors for a shift toward more sustainable consumption and production patterns.


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