Nordcrawl 2

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The NordCrawl2 project was done for the Nordic Nordsyn cooperation, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Within this project the webcrawling Nordcrawl-tool was developed for market surveillance - to find missing labels and products not meeting ecodesign limits - and for policy – where a method to estimate market share was developed. The project shows that the Nordcrawl-tool can indeed already be a useful tool for both market surveillance and policy evaluation for ecodesign and energy labelling. Also the Nordcrawl tool still has great potential for further developments, and some ideas and recommendations are given in this report.



Executive summary

The NordCrawl2 project was a project under the Nordic Nordsyn cooperation, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. It was performed by consultants at Big2Great. The aim of the Nordcrawl2 project was to show how the Nordcrawl-tool could be used for market surveillance and for policy work in the Nordic countries. The project consists of two parts focusing on market surveillance and policy, respectively. The first part describes how to use the NordCrawl system to do market surveillance with two examples, identifying webpage that are missing energy labels and identifying products with and energy class below to minimum requirement. The result of the missing energy label analysis is presented in a table with percentages for missing labels for each country, including the retailers with highest and lowest missing percentage. Quite many pages with missing labels were found, and this can be a good input to the market surveillance authorities. The analysis results on products with an energy class below the requirement is present in a table showing the non-compliance rate for each product type for each country. Here not so many faulty products were found, but still give some interesting indications for the market surveillance authorities.

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