Nordcrawl 2

image of Nordcrawl 2

The NordCrawl2 project was done for the Nordic Nordsyn cooperation, sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers. Within this project the webcrawling Nordcrawl-tool was developed for market surveillance - to find missing labels and products not meeting ecodesign limits - and for policy – where a method to estimate market share was developed. The project shows that the Nordcrawl-tool can indeed already be a useful tool for both market surveillance and policy evaluation for ecodesign and energy labelling. Also the Nordcrawl tool still has great potential for further developments, and some ideas and recommendations are given in this report.




The initial NordCrawl project was a project sponsored by the Nordic Council of Ministers, running from August 2015 to June 2017. The aim of the project was to develop a system to support market surveillance authorities (MSAs) doing online market surveillance and policy evaluation. The NordCrawl system is an analysis platform, that takes product data from web crawling. The data is provided by a web crawling provider. The system can clean and normalize the data, perform quality assurance and store the data. Furthermore, a long range of analysis and data browsing views are built into the system. For a more detailed description read the NordCrawl/Maple report.1 The aim of the NordCrawl2 project was to use and further develop the market surveillance and policy capability of the system, for instance by adding a method to identify retailer pages that does not show the required energy label. Another extension of the system is the development of a market share estimation method to support policy evaluation. Finally, this report shows results from non-compliance analysis for missing energy labels and appliances below the Ecodesign minimum-performance standard. The NordCrawl2 project also included some other updates (like website speed improvements) that will only be described briefly in this report.


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