Nature Interpretation for Children and Young People in the Nordic Countries

image of Nature Interpretation for Children and Young People in the Nordic Countries

This TEMA-Nord report is a result of a one-year project with all of the Nordic countries participating. The primary goal of the project has been to collect, develop and mediate a series of good examples of how nature interpretation, aimed at children and young people, can encourage children's understanding of nature, and inspire them to involve themselves with questions on humans nature and thus help contribute to sustainable development. Several issues should be considered when planning nature interpretation activities if nature interpretation aims to lead to sustainable development. These points of view are concerned especially with how nature interpreters can encourage children and young people to take ownership, to be involved with their body and mind, and to reflect and put the experience and the activities in nature into a wider context.



Sammendrag (in Norwegian)

Det fællesnordiske samarbejde “Naturvejledning for børn og unge i Norden” viser, at der i 2012 er en stor og voksende interesse for naturvejledning i alle de nordiske lande. Nordisk samarbejde er en god metode til udvikling af naturvejledning, som et vigtigt virkemiddel til at påvirke og udføre natur- og miljøpolitik i Norden.


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