Modeling of the Potential coverage of habitat-forming species and Development of tools to evaluate the Conservation status of the marine Annex I habitats

image of MOPODECO

MOPODECO has aimed to fill the gaps in harmonisation of the definition of the EU Habitat Directive Annex I habitats and the view on the main pressures and threats to these habitats between the Nordic countries and countries surrounding the Baltic Sea. The project has also aimed to develop standards for describing the functional characteristics of the Annex I habitats, including standards for application of modelling tools for quantifying the coverage of habitat-forming species. In MOPODECO, the harmonised definitions, pressure evaluation matrices, functional descriptors and habitat model application standards are integrated into proposals for unified indicators of favourable conservation status for Annex I habitats in Nordic waters. Common standards for assessing the favourable conservation status of these habitats are suggested by applying these indicators in case studies from the northern and southern parts of the Baltic Sea.



Harmonisation of the definitions of Annex I habitats

Council Directive 92/43 EEC of 21 May 1992 or the Habitat Directive serves one of the most important legislative instruments, which provides a legal and common framework for the conservation of natural habitats. A draft list of habitat types listed in the Directive Annex I was based on the CORINE hierarchical classification of European habitats. Annex I listed 218 European natural habitat types, including 71 priority habitat types. In contrast to species list in the Annex II, the development of common agreed definitions appeared to be essential task for the different habitat types of Annex I. It is obvious, that understanding of habitat types in different biogeographic regions is crucial for development of consistent NATURA 2000 networks.


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