Mitigation & Adaptation Synergies in the NDCs

image of Mitigation & Adaptation Synergies in the NDCs

Signatories of Paris Agreement outlined their post-2020 climate actions, known as their Intended Nationally Determined Contributions (I)NDCs. This study focuses on potential synergies between adaptation and mitigation in the (I)NDCs. It pays particular attention to the sectors of forestry, agriculture, energy and urban development. It draws on a review of climate change financing literature, and an analysis of the (I)NDCs and the financial and policy frameworks and programmes that make up global climate change financing structure, notably the texts of the Paris Agreement. The report contains recommendations for Nordic stakeholders to drive further synergies between mitigation and adaptation.



Examination of current climate funding criteria

Traditionally, climate finance has been geared towards either mitigation or adaptation, and few funding instruments have explicitly promoted M&A synergies. While cross-cutting projects and programmes promote actions across these fields, our review did not identify specific instruments that aim to generate M&A synergies. Nevertheless, latent potential exists for re-orienting the existing programme architecture towards the promotion of synergies between mitigation and adaptation.


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