Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

image of Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding


• Summary

• Background

• The commission

• The accomplishment of the commission

• Presentation of Nordic plant breeding

• Viewpoints put forward to the investigators

• Conclusions from the investigation

• Proposals for measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

• Sammanfattning

• Appendices



Växtförädling för Norden — projektplan

Summary: Plant breeding in the Nordic countries has a long and successful history. Over the last decades activities in public institutions have been privatized to a large extent. The private sector has, as a consequence of globalization and opened markets, focused on the more profitable segments of the market, which has had the effect that the practical plant breeding is mainly directed towards major crops and more Central European conditions. The possible implications for countries on Northern latitudes shall be invented and long term consequences analyzed. In this context the potential consequences of climate change for global agriculture and, specifically, for continued competitive conditions for agriculture in the Nordic region shall be considered. It is foreseen that measures for a more efficient development of plant varieties for the Nordic area will become a result of the project, where supplementary efforts are sought and possible overlaps are avoided as regards publicly funded activities. Proposals will also be put forward on co-ordination of other publicly funded activities within plant breeding at large (pre-breeding and plant breeding research). In this context the mandate for and the activities of the Nordic Gene Bank will be take into account. The initiative on this project has been taken by the Swedish Ministry of Agriculture as a part of the preparations for the Swedish Chairmanship in NMR in 2008.


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