Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

image of Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding


• Summary

• Background

• The commission

• The accomplishment of the commission

• Presentation of Nordic plant breeding

• Viewpoints put forward to the investigators

• Conclusions from the investigation

• Proposals for measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

• Sammanfattning

• Appendices



The commission

The Nordic Council of Ministers (NMR) has commissioned prof Roland von Bothmer, former Dean of the LTJ faculty, Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU), and research adviser Anders Nilsson, LTJ faculty, SLU, former Research director at Svalöf Weibull, to investigate the need for collaborative efforts to strengthen Nordic plant breeding as a specific project. The commission was given in view of demand for new genetic material linked to effects of Climate Change as well as the structural changes that have taken place in plant breeding over the last decade. The project plan (in Swedish) is added as appendix 1.


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