Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

image of Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding


• Summary

• Background

• The commission

• The accomplishment of the commission

• Presentation of Nordic plant breeding

• Viewpoints put forward to the investigators

• Conclusions from the investigation

• Proposals for measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

• Sammanfattning

• Appendices



Presentation of Nordic plant breeding

All plant breeding of agricultural crops in Denmark is conducted in privately owned companies. The largest plant breeding company is DLF Trifolium based on its position as the leading company for forage and turf seeds in Europe. The company is owned by Danish seed growers. The plant breeding encompasses several grass species, red and white clover and forage beets with a focus on perennial rye grass, including certain pre-breeding and plant biotech efforts for the development of tools for genetic analysis and for improved quality. The pre-breeding and plant biotech is conducted in collaboration with mainly Danish universities, partly funded within the Danish system for support to development of industries. The main breeding site is at Store Heddinge, south of Copenhagen, but also with breeding stations in the Netherlands, France and Czech Republic.


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