Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

image of Measures to promote Nordic plant breeding


• Summary

• Background

• The commission

• The accomplishment of the commission

• Presentation of Nordic plant breeding

• Viewpoints put forward to the investigators

• Conclusions from the investigation

• Proposals for measures to promote Nordic plant breeding

• Sammanfattning

• Appendices




Climate Change will lead to increased temperatures and changed precipitation patterns with foreseen changes more pronounced in the Nordic countries than in many other parts of the world. As a consequence, seeds and plants need to be adapted to new agro-climatic conditions. Pathogens and pests will be favoured and resistances of varieties need to be continuously improved in order to meet targets on reduced use of pesticides. Climate Change will lead to needs for changed production systems, certain crops will expand to new regions and completely new crops will become introduced, in all aspects implying needs for new varieties for the competitiveness in traditional markets and for the development of new business opportunities. Due to time requirements for the adaptation of genetic material, such development must be initiated now, not when the predictions of Climate Change have been realized. Efforts in the entire plant breeding chain are a prerequisite to meet these demands on access to well adapted genetic material. Further, the development over the last years has underlined the need for sustained activities in agricultural research, aiming at sustainable and increased production.


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