Marine Littering and Sources in Nordic Waters

image of Marine Littering and Sources in Nordic Waters

Marine litter is a global environmental problem that endangers wildlife and has great socio-economic and aesthetic impacts. To identify sources of marine litter is an important key in order to propose cost-effective measures. Pick analyses of beach litter have therefore been conducted in order to categorise litter items from a product perspective. The results confirm that plastic are the most common litter material found on beaches in the Nordic countries. Short life items and packaging are dominating, which is strongly linked to individual consumers. It is further concluded that the plastics and packaging industry has an important role to play to decrease the amount of marine litter.




Marine litter is one of the largest threats to the marine environment in our time. Animals and birds are taken marine litter for food and are caught in the litter, in many cases fatal or with long-time suffering. Moreover have marine littering negative socio-economical and aesthetic consequences. Most marine litter items are made by plastic material. Million tons of plastic ends up in the sea and remains there for hundreds of years. This is litter that no one feels responsible for or cleans up. Moreover is marine litter one of our most unnecessary environmental problems. There is every reason to take marine littering seriously and to have the courage to set targets for litter mitigation goals.


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