Marine Litter in Nordic waters

image of Marine Litter in Nordic waters

This report provides an overview of the currently available data from studies on marine litter in the Nordic countries. This covers various field studies on amount, distribution, characteristics and impact of macro- and micro-litter particles. The data reported can provide a good basis for prioritisation of activities, especially having the establishment of marine litter indicators for EU’s Marine Strategy Framework Directive monitoring and national management plans in the Nordic countries in mind.



Overview of studies on micro-litter indicators with emphasis on findings in the Nordic countries

Marine micro-litter has received much public and scientific attention over the past decade, and the possible consequences it may have on marine ecosystems have been thoroughly described in reports and scientific articles. Still, the number of field studies on the actual amounts, composition and impact of micro-litter in the marine environment are surprisingly few in relation to the attention the problem has been given. In an extensive review on marine microplastic (an important fraction of micro-litter) in general and in Dutch coastal waters in particular, this was also one of the conclusions for the North Sea region (Leslie et al. 2011).


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