Marine Ecosystem Services

Marine ecosystem services in Nordic marine waters and the Baltic Sea - possibilities for valuation

image of Marine Ecosystem Services

Marine Ecosystem Services (MARECOS) is an interdisciplinary study that provides relevant information for national, Nordic and international ecosystem services assessments and valuation in the implementation of marine policy.

This report aims to provide suggestions on how ecosystem condition assessments, being based on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and the HELCOM indicator based assessments for the Baltic Sea, could be used for the assessment of ecosystem services.

By describing the potentials of linking data and knowledge describing the status of marine ecosystems and water quality to the values of the services and goods provided, the report offers useful information for policy and decision makers in the domain of the marine and aquatic policies around the Baltic and in the Nordic countries.



Ecosystem services, ecosystem structures and processes in the Baltic Sea

This chapter describes the linkages between ecosystem function and processes on the one hand, and ecosystem services on the other hand. It is illustrated how eutrophication mitigation, nutrient cycling and water purification might be classified as both services and functions, and that these services affect the two other services assessed. Therefore the class of regulation services differ from the provisioning and cultural services and care should be taken not to double count the value of both service categories. On the other hand it is important to address how the regulating services are affected by scenario changes, as these services have the described effect on other services. Using information of the spatial mapping of biotopes, habitats and ecosystem components used in the HELCOM HOLAS (2010) an example is presented illustrating how the capacity of ecosystem services provision in the Baltic Sea could be qualitatively assessed and mapped.


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