Marine Ecosystem Services

Marine ecosystem services in Nordic marine waters and the Baltic Sea - possibilities for valuation

image of Marine Ecosystem Services

Marine Ecosystem Services (MARECOS) is an interdisciplinary study that provides relevant information for national, Nordic and international ecosystem services assessments and valuation in the implementation of marine policy.

This report aims to provide suggestions on how ecosystem condition assessments, being based on the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD), and the HELCOM indicator based assessments for the Baltic Sea, could be used for the assessment of ecosystem services.

By describing the potentials of linking data and knowledge describing the status of marine ecosystems and water quality to the values of the services and goods provided, the report offers useful information for policy and decision makers in the domain of the marine and aquatic policies around the Baltic and in the Nordic countries.



Classification of marine ecosystem services

A wide array of concepts and classifications have been developed for ecosystem services assessments, at international and EU levels and in specific countries. This chapter presents classification schemes for ecosystem services assessments, the main characteristics of the classifications, and describes some potentials and problems using the schemes for marine ecosystem services classification and assessment. As a conclusion on the presentation and discussion of the different concepts a concept intended specifically for identification of how marine ecosystem structures, processes and functions affects ecosystem services and goods, and the value of these, is presented. The concept is used in the remaining part of the report for the assessments of how available data and knowledge can be used for assessting and identifying the intermediate services, ecosystem structures, processes and functions underlying the production of the final ecosystem goods and services, as well as the value of these services from the literature review and the case study.


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