Mapping sustainable textile initiatives

And a potential roadmap for a Nordic actionplan

image of Mapping sustainable textile initiatives

This report responds to an invitation from the Nordic Council of Ministers to map out Nordic initiatives within textiles as a pre-study to the initiation of a Nordic Roadmap for Sustainable Textiles in 2015. The work has been conducted by:SIFO - National Institute for Consumer Research (Norway)SFA - Sustainable Fashion Academy (Sweden)NFA - Nordic Fashion Association/nicefashion.org (Nordic)IVL - Swedish Environmental Research Institute (Sweden)CRI - Copenhagen Resource Institute (Denmark)Nordic Committee of Senior Officials for Environmental Affairs (EK-M) has been responsible for the funding of this project. The project’s steering committee consists of representatives from members from the working groups; Nordic Chemicals Group (NKG), the Nordic Waste Group (NAG) and the Group of sustainable consumption and production (SCP) and officers from the Environmental Protection Agency in Denmark. This steering Group is jointly responsible for the direction and decisions regarding the project. NAG has been coordinating the work. Coordinator of project has been Yvonne Augustsson from the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency.




The mapping we have done shows that many different perspectives and stakeholders are now working with environmental impacts associated with textile production and consumption. It is therefore pertinent to ask if the increased involvement also results in actions with consequent reductions of these impacts. Currently, this is not the case. Currently the focus is on incremental improvements in the supply chains. Meanwhile the amount of textiles imported into the Nordic region is not only “still” increasing, but accelerating. The amount of waste follows as a consequence. And with increased amounts of textiles, the amount of chemicals, CO2, energy and water consumption also increases.


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