Making the environment count

Nordic accounts and indicators for analysing and integrating environment and economy

image of Making the environment count

In 2013, the Nordic Ministers for the Environment decided to strenghten the measurement of green estimates of welfare and socio-economic developments. The report Making the Environment Count is describing how statistics on the environment and the economy thorugh the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts can be used to enable cross-sectorial analysis. The report proposes indicators that can be compiled annually in a Nordic context through existing statistics linking economic statistics to environmental statistics.



Social indicators

The Ad Hoc Group finds that the existing work and follow-up of the European sustainable development policy has helped clarify the types of statistics that are necessary to be able to follow the trends of the social pillar of sustainable development. With the work of establishing a new post-2015 sustainable development agenda there is now a push to truly integrate the analyses. How to integrate social aspects with economic and environmental aspects is the next substantial step to take. The accounting framework that is used to integrate environment and economic statistics could be a possible framework for such integration. The Nordic countries would be well placed to take such a step. In sustainable development indicators sets there are some commonly chosen social indicators that could also be part of an integrated statistical framework for policy analysis. Including general social indicators in an accounting framework is possible, but not a standard practice in the SEEA.


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