Making the environment count

Nordic accounts and indicators for analysing and integrating environment and economy

image of Making the environment count

In 2013, the Nordic Ministers for the Environment decided to strenghten the measurement of green estimates of welfare and socio-economic developments. The report Making the Environment Count is describing how statistics on the environment and the economy thorugh the System of Environmental-Economic Accounts can be used to enable cross-sectorial analysis. The report proposes indicators that can be compiled annually in a Nordic context through existing statistics linking economic statistics to environmental statistics.



Discussions and conclusions

Throughout this report the reasoning has been to use existing frameworks on accounts and statistics that are established, not only in the Nordic countries but worldwide and where the Nordic countries are at the forefront. It is well known that there is a need for a range of indicators to follow the measures and targets put in place by our governments and parliaments. On the other hand a main task given to the Ad Hoc Group from the Nordic Council of Ministers was to “suggest how to increase the use of already existing indicators that can complement GDP initially with a focus on the environmental dimension”.


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