Long-range Transport of Particulate Matter in Nordic Countries

image of Long-range Transport of Particulate Matter in Nordic Countries

This project evaluates the present level of atmospheric particles in the Nordic countries and determine their origin by characterisation of the particle emissions, the chemical composition and size distribution of atmospheric aerosols through the development and validation of a 3D EMEP Eulerian model.



Present status and future needs

The 3D EMEP PM mass model gives a fair agreement for inorganic compounds, while there is considerable difficulties still with the OC estimates. However further refinement and validation on the model description of ammonium and nitrate concentrations. The largest uncertainty in calculation of PM-mass concentrations is associated with PM emissions and not fully accounting for all aerosol sources and processes (SOA formation, primary biogenic OC, wind blown mineral dust and re-suspended particles). However the work on SOA formation is in progress and the water content calculations are included even though validation is missing. At the present stage, the EMEP model results should not be used in policy applications depending on the analysis of absolute values of PM mass, but they are reasonable to study the effect of identified emission changes.


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