Locomotive business

How can large companies be the catalyst for SMEs in exporting cleantech?

image of Locomotive business

This report explores how public sector support promotes the locomotive model, which is understood as partnerships between locomotive companies and SMEs in order to facilitate export of cleantech and system solutions. Support structures vary a lot among the Nordic countries. A main observation is that the various programmes in all Nordic countries had little information on the impacts of the instruments. Some suggestions for policy makers in the Nordic countries are offered, now with an understanding of the interaction between large businesses and SMEs, which wish to export clean technologies. The project was carried out from May 2014 to December 2014 by a consortium led by COWI with FORES, Swedish Entrepreneurship Forum and Tyrsky Consulting as partners. The Nordic Council of Minister's Working Group on Sustainable Consumption and Production initiated and financed the project.



Overview of companies in the Nordic Countries

This chapter focus is twofold. First, Nordic companies are identified and their perspective on the public initiatives and instruments support in creating growth and increasing export share is assessed. These public initiatives and instruments are described in chapter 4 of this report. Secondly, the locomotive model is described for each of the countries through the individual cases.


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