Les véritables coûts de REACH

image of Les véritables coûts de REACH

The proposed new chemicals policy of the European Community, REACH, is an important new development in environmental protection. Rather than waiting for government or independent researchers to determine that chemicals are hazardous, it will make manufacturers, importers, and professional users of chemicals responsible for the safe use. There is little doubt that REACH will give health and environmental benefits, but there has been little agreement about the resulting costs: -Will European manufacturers be crushed by the economic burden of chemicals regulation, as some industry sources have suggested? -Or, as projected in some public sector studies, will there be a minor cost impact, well within the ability of industry and worth the price? This report offers a new look at these costs. Frank Ackerman and Rachel Massey compare the current EC legislation on chemicals, the European Commission’s proposal and an alternative proposal addressing previous versions of REACH. The authors make a bottom-up calculation of the expected registration and testing costs under REACH and provide a new analysis of the indirect economic impacts. Ultimately they evaluate some prominent arguments about the costs of REACH and discuss the expected benefits. In the appendices there is the derivation of their economic impacts analysis and a critique of the best-known industry-oriented study.



Analyse formelle du modèle de march unique

Le présent modèle, comme mentionné dans la Section 4 de notre rapport, suppose que l’industrie chimique représente un marché unique ; nous analysons la réaction de ce marché à une augmentation de coûts qui fait remonter la courbe des offres, conformément à la théorie micro-économique standard. Comme l’indique la Figure 4.1 de notre exposé, le prix d’équilibre et de quantité avant l’augmentation de coût sont respectivement de P0 et Q0 alors que le nouveau prix et la nouvelle quantité s’équilibrent après l’augmentation à P1est Q1. Le total du chiffre d’affaires de l’industrie est de P0Q0 avant l’augmentation et il est de P1Q1 après l’entrée en vigueur de l’augmentation de prix.


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