Invasive Alien Species

Pathway Analysis and Horizon Scanning for Countries in Northern Europe

image of Invasive Alien Species

Invasive alien species are one of the main drivers of biodiversity loss, due to their ability to disperse and cause negative effects on native species and the environment. To reduce the introduction of invasive alien species in the future, preventive measures need to be implemented, and knowledge about pathways of introduction of new and potentially invasive alien species can facilitate tailor-made measures. The aim of this project is to contribute to the fulfilment of obligations in the CBD Aichi target 9 and the EU Biodiversity Strategy 2020 target 5, by identifying and prioritising the most significant pathways of introduction for invasive alien species by conducting a pathway analysis and horizon scanning. This identification and prioritisation is done for 10 participating countries and territories part of the NOBANIS network to assist them in minimising and preventing further introductions and establishment of invasive alien species. Based on the results from the pathway analysis and horizon scanning, this report presents a prioritised list of pathways of interest, general recommendations on measures to control pathways of interest, and advice on development of an early warning system for invasive alien species. 




One of the main drivers of biodiversity loss is invasive alien species (IAS), and in order to plan cost-effective measures to prevent the introduction of harmful invasive alien species, we need to know in what manner they are introduced. Until now, the measures to prevent harm to native environments and biodiversity by invasive alien species in the Nordic and Baltic countries, incl. Iceland and the Faroe Islands, have mainly been reactive methods based on knowledge of the invasive alien species already present. This approach has proven to be a costly and ineffective way to manage invasive alien species.


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