Improvement of Nordic Emission Models for Solvent Use in Selected Sectors

image of Improvement of Nordic Emission Models for Solvent Use in Selected Sectors

This project considers the NMVOC emission inventories for solvent use that are used by the five Nordic countries for reporting to e.g. United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC), the European Commission and UNECE-Convention on Long-Range, Transboundary Air Pollution (CLRTAP). The project covers the entire solvent use sector, however, special attention has been given to domestic use. All the major codes associated with emission reporting and registration of chemical substances have been collected and compared. Emission factors have been presented for source categories and specific chemical substances, when possible. For the entire solvent sector 94 different combinations of SNAP/CORINAIR, CRF, NFR, RAINS/GAINS and NACE codes have been identified. UCN and emission factors are assigned for each combination on a country specific level. The purpose of this project has been to present existing data in the most transparent way in order to share, compare and improve data and methodologies. The results can be used for different purposes, e.g., facilitate assignment of specific emission factors to sources and substances, extrapolate activity data and/or emission factors between code systems, filling data gaps and identify key source categories.




During 2002, a SMED study was carried out (Kindbom et al., 2003), aiming at compiling time series of emissions of NMVOC in Sweden for all sectors included in the international reporting. In this study the estimated emissions of NMVOC from the sector “Solvent and Other Product Use” was based on information from various sources. For example data reported in companies’ environmental reports, data from the Products Register at the Swedish Chemicals Agency, as well as information from experts or trade organisations were included. The major part of the estimated emissions was however based on earlier national reports, investigations and estimations of national NMVOC emissions. The time series for the sector Solvent and Other Product Use presented in the SMED report of 2002 are still to be considered as reliable. One of the main conclusions in the study of 2002 was that emissions from the sector “Solvent and Other Product Use” needed further attention, primarily concerning developing methods and finding sources of background data, in order to facilitate and make it possible to perform consistent annual updates of national emission data in the future.


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