Implementing the Selfoss declaration

Recommendations to Nordic forestry

image of Implementing the Selfoss declaration

In August 2008 the Ministers and Secretaries of state responsible for Forestry in the Nordic countries held a conference in Selfoss Iceland. The topic of the conference was the importance of forests in facing up two of the most important environmental challenges of our time: global climate change and the global administration of freshwater resources. The conference concluded with a Ministerial declaration - The Selfoss Declaration on Sustainable Forestry. This report presents proposed policy recommendations for the implementation of the declaration. It further provides background information and an in-depth analysis of the challenges presented in the declaration. The aim of this report is to give recommendations to relevant actors within the Nordic forestry co-operation as to how the Selfoss Declaration can be implemented and followed up.



Nordic co-operation in the field of forestry

The Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Norway and Sweden as well as the autonomous territories Faroe Islands, Greenland and Åland have a long history of intimate co-operation at both formal and informal levels of government. Nordic co-operation is based on a deep sense of kinship among the Nordic people. A key event in the development of Nordic co-operation was the establishment in 1919 of the Nordic Society (Foreningen Norden) in Denmark, Norway and Sweden and by 1922 in Iceland and subsequently in Finland. Since then the Nordic Society has been a driving force of closer cooperation in the Nordic region.


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