Sustainable Fibres from Basalt Mining

image of GREENBAS

The GREENBAS project is about the feasibility of producing continuous basalt fibres from Icelandic basalt. The project was made possible with support from NordMin, with the aim to develop the Nordic mining and mineral industry.Geological investigations by Iceland Geosurvey have resulted in insight into locations of the most ideal materials. Work at Innovation Centre Iceland (ICI) led to the definition of the basalt properties required. ICI also analysed the business conditions for a start-up factory. The involvement of JEI has ensured industrial relevance in tandem with the contribution of the University of Reykjavik team in gaining an understanding of the importance of applications in building materials.The involvement of SINTEF Norway and VTT Finland was crucial. They provided their expertise to analyse the life-cycle of basalt fibres and the feasibility and need of artificial external components. On basis of this project, a new phase can be started: the preparations for establishing a continuous basal fibre factory in Iceland.




The objective of this project was to carry out a lifecycle assessment (LCA) which evaluated the sustainability of continuous basalt fibre production in Iceland, compared to current Russian production, and to report and publish the obtained results. This included evaluating a range of different scenarios based on size and type of furnace, mine location and mode of transport. Furthermore, a comparison has been completed that assesses the environmental performance of competing, market-available materials, such as steel, glass fibre and carbon fibre. The analysis also investigated the second stage production of basalt fibre reinforced polymer (BFRP), with the addition of polyester resin in the production process. It has also looked at the use of BFRP as an alternative to steel reinforcement.


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