Green Boating

Nordic boat owners' attitudes towards boating in the Baltic Sea

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The coastal and archipelago areas in the Baltic Sea are popular destinations for a number of tourists. An important group of tourists is boaters, who visit the coastal areas during a short summer period. Boat owners are sometimes pictured as having a great interest for the nature and a willingness to do right. Pollution from pleasure boats such as discharges of oil and fuel, antifouling paints and cleaning agents have a negative impact on the coastal environment. Environmentally sound alternatives exist to some extent, but are not very common. Sustainable alternatives for boaters are lacking behind. One of the underlying purposes of this study was to understand how we can help boat owners change their behaviour and decrease the negative impact on the marine environment. The survey among boaters has been conducted in Finland, Sweden and Denmark with a web based survey ordered by the Keep Sweden Tidy Foundation together with Keep the Archipelago Tidy Association in Finland and the Danish Outdoor Council. The research was performed by SIFO Research International.



Swedish questionnaire

Denna undersökning är riktad till fritidsbåtägare gällande beteende, attityd och kunskap gällande båtliv och miljö. Undersökningen genomförs i Sverige, Danmark och Finland på uppdrag av Stiftelsen Håll Sverige Rent.


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