Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

image of Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

Future solutions for Nordic plastic recycling contains suggestions on how to collect and recycle more of the generated plastic waste from households and other MSW sources in the Nordic region. The solutions suggested are focused on providing higher availability to collection systems, to focus less on packaging and more on plastic, to have flexible sorting and recycling systems,and to pave the way for a well-functioning, transparent market for recycled plastics that absorbs the collected material. More extensive Nordic cooperation, both on a basis of knowledge exchange and on a practical level, is believed to favour Nordic plastic collection and recycling.



General changes in the climate and habitat

The Barents Region will become warmer and wetter in future according to the expectations (Figure 2). In 2080 it is expected to be on average 5.0 °C warmer than in the period between 1950 and 2000 (min. 2.7 °C, max. 6.7 °C). Furthermore, in 2080 the expected annual precipitation has risen with on average 69 mm, with a minimum of 23 mm, and a maximum of 278 mm extra precipitation in comparison to 1950–2000.


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