Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

image of Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

Future solutions for Nordic plastic recycling contains suggestions on how to collect and recycle more of the generated plastic waste from households and other MSW sources in the Nordic region. The solutions suggested are focused on providing higher availability to collection systems, to focus less on packaging and more on plastic, to have flexible sorting and recycling systems,and to pave the way for a well-functioning, transparent market for recycled plastics that absorbs the collected material. More extensive Nordic cooperation, both on a basis of knowledge exchange and on a practical level, is believed to favour Nordic plastic collection and recycling.




Especially ectothermic species, such as terrestrial gastropods, may be affected considerably by alterations in temperature and precipitation regimes (Aragón et al. 2010; Deutsch et al. 2008). In addition to these direct impacts, climate change can have a large impact on species communities and habitat structure. Since terrestrial gastropods are also sensitive to alterations in habitat structure and species interactions, it is expected that a continued climate change will affect terrestrial gastropods in ways not easy to anticipate. We assessed the current and future geographic distribution and diversity of 99 terrestrial gastropod species from the order Stylommatophora throughout Europe. We found that most species will be able to expand their geographic distribution range northwards (Figure 17). Only 14 species were expected to contract their future distribution range. Most of these were slugs, which is to be expected since slugs are not protected against unfavourable environmental conditions by a shell, like snails are. Their activity is thus to a larger extent dependent on microclimatic conditions (Crawford-Sidebotham 1972).


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