Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

image of Future of biodiversity in the Barents Region

Future solutions for Nordic plastic recycling contains suggestions on how to collect and recycle more of the generated plastic waste from households and other MSW sources in the Nordic region. The solutions suggested are focused on providing higher availability to collection systems, to focus less on packaging and more on plastic, to have flexible sorting and recycling systems,and to pave the way for a well-functioning, transparent market for recycled plastics that absorbs the collected material. More extensive Nordic cooperation, both on a basis of knowledge exchange and on a practical level, is believed to favour Nordic plastic collection and recycling.




We assessed the vulnerability to climate change of over 200 birds that currently breed in or just south of the Barents Region (also see Table 2b in the Appendix). We complemented traditional species distribution modelling with an extensive literature review on a large number of natural history traits that may be potential risk factors in a warming environment. A total of 175 species, the winners, were predicted to expand their breeding range in the Barents Region in future. A further 14 species currently not breeding in the study region were predicted to expand their breeding range in the future into the study region, the colonizers.


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