Future EU energy and climate regulation

Implications for Nordic energy development and Nordic stakeholders (Implications for Nordic energy development and Nordic stakeholders)

image of Future EU energy and climate regulation

In November 2013, the Renewable Energy Working Group (AGFE) of the Nordic Council of Ministers arranged a seminar in Copenhagen, Denmark, to explore renewable energy policy in the Nordic countries post 2030. A preliminary model analysis of future EU energy and climate regulation was prepared expressly for the seminar by Ea Energianalyse. This report describes the results from the model analysis. The results presented at the seminar in Copenhagen, and described in this report, have been supplemented with additional simulations on key parameters after discussions with the AGFE, and some of the assumptions have also been revised.




The European Union has an objective of reducing greenhouse gas emissions by 80-95% in 2050 relative to 1990. The roadmap for moving to a competitive low carbon economy in 2050 explores different pathways up to 2050 that could enable the EU to reduce greenhouse gas reductions in line with the 80 to 95% target.


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