Food waste and date labelling

Issues affecting the durability

image of Food waste and date labelling

The purpose of the project has been to identify how date labelling legislation on food is practised in Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden and how the durability can be affected in the food supply chain. The project recommends enhanced guidance for manufacturers, retailers and consumers. When prolonging the durability of the product, the retail waste decreased significantly. The results show that the type of packaging gas and storage temperature is of great importance for the durability of food products. Consumer studies reveal a need for guidance on how long products may be eaten after opening of the package. The individual consumer needs clearer and more easily accessible information on different labelling, storage temperature and durability of products.



Interview guide for manufacturers

Food waste is an important issue not only in the Nordic countries, but also throughout the EU. In 2011, the EU Commission launched a long-term framework for actions for a resource-efficient Europe (flagship initiative). One of the goals is to halve the amount of waste of edible foods by 2020. In addition, the European Parliament proposed the year 2014 as the European Year against Food Waste as an awareness-raising initiative for European citizens and to focus national governments’ attention on this important topic.


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