Food losses and waste in primary production

Data collection in the Nordic countries

image of Food losses and waste in primary production

This project has resulted in a suggested definitional and methodological framework for future food waste studies in primary production. It has also resulted in a first attempt to quantify food waste in primary production in the Nordic countries. The project was focused on primary production in the Nordic countries of Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden. One purpose has been to test adequate methods for collecting data on food losses and waste from primary producers in the Nordic countries. Another purpose was to estimate the amount of food losses and waste in primary production in the Nordic Countries. In order to collect data and quantify food losses and waste in primary production it was necessary to work on these definitions or possibly introduce new, more useful terms. Thus this project involved defining terms, developing methodologies and quantifying data.




Case studies

We carried out case studies for seven products in order to develop and test side flow quantification methods and to get results for relative side flow amounts for the products. The products studied were carrots, onions, wheat, rye, green peas, field peas, and cultivated rainbow trout/char. The geographical area was Finland, Sweden, Norway and Denmark. The main methods used were questionnaires, direct in-field measurements and interviews. Interviews were not used to quantify side flow amounts but to gain insight into reasons for side flow and for development and quality assurance of the questionnaires.


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