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Nordic indicators 2006

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The purpose of this Nordic set of indicators is to inform the public and political decision makers whether the Nordic countries and selfgoverning areas are heading in the right direction towards sustainable development or not, both in general and in specific areas. The indicators also point out if there is a need to promote the development towards a more sustainable direction. The chosen indicators are monitoring the Nordic implementation of the goals and initiatives for 20052008, as they are set up in the revised Nordic Strategy “Sustainable development New bearings for the Nordic countries”. The set of indicators contains a number of overall keyindicators as well as indicators relevant to the specific sectors or crosscutting areas pointed out in the revised strategy. New areas in the revised strategy are the social dimension as well as sustainable production and consumption. The Nordic Council of Ministers has published Nordic sets of indicators in 2002 and 2003.

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The long-term goals are a society in which the use of chemicals does not involve a risk of damage to people’s health and/or the environment, the elimination of all chemical discharges that constitute a threat to health and/or the environment within a generation, increased producer responsibility, and the application of the precautionary-substitution principle in chemicals policy. Goods introduced into the market in 10-15 years’ time must therefore be largely free of man-made organic substances that are slow to degrade (persistent) and/or accumulate in living organisms (bioaccumulative).

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