F-gas methodologies and measurements in the Nordic Countries

image of F-gas methodologies and measurements in the Nordic Countries

This project report is a part of the NMR KOL project Nordic Policy Cluster for F-gases with the purpose of comparing the Nordic countries’ methodologies and regulations related to the use of F-gases.Fluorinated gases (F-gases, including HFCs, PFCs, SF6 and NF3) are a range of potent greenhouse gases that are used in a number of different applications and products for refrigeration, foams, aerosols, and technical installations.The report contains a survey and an overview of F-gas methodologies used for UNFCCC reporting, as well as an account of emissions and regulations in the Nordic countries.The objective with the analysis was to provide an overview of differences and similarities within the Nordic countries in relation to F-gases. The analysis shall enable harmonization of data collection, emission factors, choice of methods, and regulatory instruments.



Other CRF codes and methodological aspects

The Nordic countries have other CRF codes, e.g. 2F4 (Aerosols), 2F5 (Cleaning Agents), 2G1 (Switchgear) 2G2 (Sound proof windows, laboratory etc.) and 2F3 (Fire Extinguishers). Because these CRF codes are almost similar regarding emission factors and product included among the Nordic countries, and because they follow the 2006 IPCC guidelines, these categories are not discussed further in this report.


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