Experiences on projects promoting sustainable lifestyles in Nordic countries

image of Experiences on projects promoting sustainable lifestyles in Nordic countries

Sustainable Consumption is a focus theme in the Environmental Action Plan 2009-2012 of the Nordic Council of Ministers. As stressed in the Plan, the Nordic countries form a joint market with the same product range and similar patterns of consumption. Hence, the countries can together contribute to developing environmentally adapted production meth-ods and stimulating the interaction between environmentally conscious consumptionand an environment oriented product range. This report presents 22 different projects, realized recently in the Nordic countries, that have promoted sustainable life styles.

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Material and methods

The concept “project promoting sustainable lifestyle” is understood in a broad sense as organised action aimed at changing behaviours and lifestyles to more sustainable ones. It can refer to conventional projects organized and administrated by the EU, governmental institutions, municipalities, or NGOs. It also refers to actions organized by informal social groups, commercial enterprises, and research projects, if they include elements that other actors and projects can copy or use to their advantage.

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