Establishing av Nordic Life Cycle Association - NorLCA

image of Establishing av Nordic Life Cycle Association - NorLCA

The project aimed to the establishment and development of a non-profit organization, the Nordic Life Cycle Association, NorLCA, with the goal of supporting sustainable development through the use of life cycle approaches and methodology. NorLCA is a multidisciplinary platform for Life Cycle Thinking and addresses LCA-specialists, business managers, product developers, environmental managers, sales and marketing managers, researchers, teachers, NGOs, authorities, student, and others with an interest in life cycle thinking, eco-design and sustainable development. The main goal of NorLCA is to facilitate and support a broader and increased use of life cycle related concepts. NorLCA focuses on networking activities and dissemination of information and establisingh easily accessible information and knowledge exchange channels between the formal and informal life cycle networks. Further information available on www.norlca.org



Summarizing NorLCA

The second NorLCA symposium was held in Norway 2008 under the heading “Warm climate, cool business” organised by Østfold Research Foundation emphasizing a strong focus on industrial presentations. Based on now (2008) two successfully executed Nordic symposia on Life Cycle Thinking, it is evident that the ”lowest" level” for technical discussion must be further established and maintained. As stated in the association’s articles, the aim is not to have SETAC jargon discussions. Maybe such a "lowest level" could be established by furthering the development of the interactive meeting concept as already developed and tried out within the NorLCA. This could be done as e.g. group workshop where attendees together try to formulate or distinguish different LCA-matters-of-fact to establish some common understanding and language for today's community of new and old Nordic LCA users and practitioners.


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