Environmental Innovations in the Nordic Mobile Phone Industry

Green Markets and Greener Technologies (GMCT)

image of Environmental Innovations in the Nordic Mobile Phone Industry

The environmental impacts of mobile phones are related to the use of resources, process chemicals and en-ergy consumption in all production stages, energy use during the use phase and the considerable amount of potentially hazardous substances in the components. The mobile phone market is global and corresponds to a fragmented supply chain. The products tend to have a short lifetime and new features and increased data transmission are among some recent innovations. These innovation dynamics and the market trends are some basic characteristics that environmental policy has to consider, when making a mix of different policy instruments. This report analyses the challenges that policymaking deals with and evaluates how different policy tools can influence the future innovation of more environmental friendly mobile phones.



Environmental Policy and the Mobile Phone Industry

This chapter describes the environmental legislative framework affecting the mobile industry. The emphasis is on the EU framework as these initiatives structure the work in the member states and influence the globalised mobile industry in general. The purpose is to analyse to which degree and in which way the environmental legislative framework support the development of environmental innovations in electronics.


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