Environmental Incentives and Nordic SMEs

Impact on Performance and Competitiveness

image of Environmental Incentives and Nordic SMEs

This report identifies and investigates environmental incentives available for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nordic countries. These comprise grants and loans for environmental management, environmental technology, environmental employment and sectoral competitiveness, and energy efficiency and renewables. From a total of 15 currently or recently available schemes, seven incentives are selected and 23 beneficiaries interviewed to explore impacts on environmental performance and economic competitiveness. The survey allows the ranking of environmental impacts in order of significance, based on information provided by the SMEs. It also highlights economic effects and environmental learning, and it draws conclusions relating to the practical value of Nordic environmental incentives, administrative procedures, company experiences and future expectations.



Environmental Incentives for SMEs in the Nordic Countries

Within the Nordic countries, a range of environmental incentives is available for SMEs either directly or indirectly through intermediaries. In the first stage of this project, fifteen incentives were identified as meriting attention. Two points of clarification are necessary regarding the choice of schemes. Firstly, a number of the incentives are available to companies of all sizes, and so they are not exclusive to SMEs. However, they were included because they form part of the overall selection open to small and medium-sized firms. Secondly, the coverage includes existing and recently completed incentives in an approach designed to maximise the insights into different scheme types and experiences.


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