Environmental Incentives and Nordic SMEs

Impact on Performance and Competitiveness

image of Environmental Incentives and Nordic SMEs

This report identifies and investigates environmental incentives available for small and medium-sized enterprises in the Nordic countries. These comprise grants and loans for environmental management, environmental technology, environmental employment and sectoral competitiveness, and energy efficiency and renewables. From a total of 15 currently or recently available schemes, seven incentives are selected and 23 beneficiaries interviewed to explore impacts on environmental performance and economic competitiveness. The survey allows the ranking of environmental impacts in order of significance, based on information provided by the SMEs. It also highlights economic effects and environmental learning, and it draws conclusions relating to the practical value of Nordic environmental incentives, administrative procedures, company experiences and future expectations.



Environment-Driven Business Development Grant, Sweden

From 2001, NUTEK has administered a grant programme on environment– driven business development (MAF). Drawing on the experience and results of previous programmes (MISF and MPU), this scheme seeks to increase existing levels of competence and upgrade the knowledge base. The overall aim of the programme is to strengthen the competitiveness of SMEs by stimulating them to develop their operations and their products from the perspective of sustainability. The focus is on the entire company, with improvements not only reducing environmental impact but also offering new business opportunities. The philosophy is that profit can be made fro from transition, based on being in the forefront of development. As in the previous programmes, NUTEK does not work directly with the companies, but instead through regional actors, who ultimately become project leaders for group applications. The projects are conducted through networks with active participation by SMEs.


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